Easy Access Cable Management Tray

  • Easy Access Cable Management Tray 58EACMT55

    The Easy access Cable Management tray not only keeps your cables safely and neatly secured under your desk, it also opens up one side by a swing down feature to allow for simple and easy access when required. No more unscrewing things under your desk

    Easy Access Cable Management Tray

    Secured soundly to the underside of your desk by 4 screws the Easy Access Cable Management Tray keeps your cables and power boards neatly out of harms way. 

    The unique "swing down" feature gives simple access to all your cables when required and can be easily clipped back into place without the need to a  screwdriver.

    With two height positions it can easily contain several cables and power boards. 

    With a standard length of 550 mm the Easy Access Cable Management Tray can be couples end-on-end with another to double the length if required. 


    • Easy installation 4 screws
    • Swing down feature for easy tool free access.
    • 2 Height positions
    • Can be linked end-on-end for longer lengths.





    550 mm long  x 92 mm wide


    54 mm (end brackets)


    4 x Screws (2 x either end)


    Retardant ABS plastic


    • 1 Year

    Colour options

    • Grey


    From $42.00 (inc GST)