Cable Management Basket

  • Cable Management Basket 58CMB

    The Cable Management Basket lets you keep your desk clear of all cables and power boards.

    This is perfect if you are using a height adjustable desk as your cables can raise and lower with your desk without being stretched all pulled out of your computer.


    Cable Management Basket

    The Cable Management Basket is installed under any desk and firmly secures all cables.

    The basket is developed with coated wire which reduces the buildup of dust, leaving you with a clean workstation. This can increase your productivity as it requires you to spend less time cleaning your work area.

    The Cable Management Basket is perfect for those who regularly kick power boards on the floor or get their feet tangled in cords when stretching their legs.

    The basket can easily be attached to any desk.



    • Made with coated wire to prevent dust
    • Easily attaches to any desk
    • 3 sizes available


    Construction Coated wire
    Size of wire grid pattern 50 mm
    Number of Mounting Brackets 2
    Lengths 650, 950, 1250 mm




    30 Days

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