• AWCM CPU Holder 103A

    The AWCP CPU Holder keeps your computer suspended off the floor.

    This is ideal for using with a height adjustable desk as the computer raises and lowers with the desk.


    AWCM CPU Holder

    There are many benefits to using a computer holder such as the AWCM CPU Holder.

    This device lets you maximise your space on top of your desk while also keeping the computer closer to you.

    You won’t find yourself kneeling on the floor trying to plug in USBs or other cords. This CPU Holder can swivel 180 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise making it easier than ever before for you to install hardware or other devices to the back of your computer.



    • 180 degree clockwise or counter-clockwise swivel
    • Suitable for most CPU sizes
    • Ideal for most computer sizes


    Minimum Desk Thickness  25 mm
    Ball Bearing Slide  130 mmm backwards and forwards
    CPU Supports Straps
    Swivel Device Rotate 180 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise
    Accommodates various CPU Sizes
    • CPU Width at 160 mm maximum height at 550 mm
    • CPU Width at 245 mm maximum height at 500 mm


    12 months

    $130.00 (inc GST)