How to Upgrade Your Workstation Setup on a Budget


Man sitting at his desk at home budgeting for an upgrade to his workstation setup.

With people now working from home more than ever, it may be time to expand the number of work or study stations in the house. That’s when the costs can start to add up quickly, but you don’t need to spend big to achieve a workstation setup that’s enjoyable and safe to use. Follow our tips for getting the workstation you want on a budget you can afford. 

While ergonomic products can be expensive, it’s important not to skimp on protecting yourself from an injury. Injuries can reduce your future earning capacity and quality of life, so let’s look at some ways in which you could prevent them from happening.

Support Your Body With an Ergonomic Chair

If you sit all day, a quality office chair is important. Ergonomic chairs can be fully customised to suit your body shape. If you have an old office chair that doesn’t have all the adjustments that come with modern chairs, it may be time to consider including a new chair into the budget. You don’t need to buy a top of the line ergonomic chair to get a good one. For a few hundred dollars, you can have an ergonomic chair that meets your needs. If you need time to save up for a new chair or you want to improve the chair you have, there are some budget products that will help you do just that.

Budget Products for Chair Improvements

Back and neck support is imperative for office workers. Lumbar support is available for a fraction of the price of a new chair. Memory foam back support, cushions, seat wedges, posture aids and supports can all enhance the comfort and usability of your current chair if you’re looking to make improvements.

While our spine needs support, so do our arms and hands. If you find that your forearms or elbows ache after using a computer for long periods, forearm supports can help relieve the pressure. The right arm support can take pressure off the wrists and shoulder and make your workday more comfortable. It can also reduce the risk of developing carpal tunnel.

Another budget ergonomic aid that many people don’t think of is a footrest. An adjustable ergonomic footrest allows you to keep your feet flat on a surface no matter how short your legs may be. Angle the footrest to a position that suits your feet. For those who like to stretch their legs while still seated, there’s the stretchmate footrest.

If you use a standing desk, you haven’t been forgotten. Anti-fatigue mats are available, which work to help with muscle fatigue and keep you standing in different positions.

Adjust the Height of Your Monitor or Screen

The height of your monitor or screen can improve the angle and movement of your head and neck throughout the day.  A monitor stand or arm can increase the height of the screen to make for a more comfortable working day and stop an incidence of ‘tech neck’ as a result of looking down. The beauty of monitor arms is that they can be titled, rotated and extended to the perfect right height and angle. However, if your budget doesn’t extend to an arm, use a monitor stand in the interim.

If you work from hand copy pages, a document holder is a budget friendly accessory that keeps your papers at eye level to stop unnecessary neck and head movement.

Prevent Hand and Wrist Pain with an Ergonomic Mouse

Not many workers give their mouse much consideration, but if you’re a heavy mouse user, it’s well worth investing in an ergonomic mouse. A mouse that contours to the natural shape and position of the hand makes a difference in the comfort level and can reduce the chance of debilitating hand and wrist pain. If you need the accuracy of a high precision mouse, invest in a trackball mouse to increase your speed and decrease your frustration.  

Invest in a Light for Your Desk

If you put up with poor overhead lighting thinking there’s nothing that can be done, you’ll love task lighting as it can make all the difference. Buy a light for your desk and use it when you need to close the blinds to stop glare, or on overcast days when there’s a lack of natural light in your office. Proper lighting stops you from extending your neck forward and sitting in unnatural positions.

Remember... ergonomics isn’t just about equipment. Taking regular breaks away from your workstation, doing some stretches and checking your posture while seated are all free and can help to prevent injury. If you need help with setting up your workstation, visit our showroom, call us on 9240 7066 or contact us online.