Deskalator - Desk Raisers

  • Deskalator - Desk Raisers DA1

    Deskalators are used by stacking them together and placing them under the corner of your desk to increase the desk height.

    Deskalator - Desk Raiser

    The Deskalator is the easiest and safest way to increase the height of an existing workstation.

    The Deskalators are a simple interlocking disk with 1.5 cm increments. You can stack them to get the optimal height for your existing workstation.

    Comes in packs of 8 and are suitable for workstations with 18 mm to 33 mm thick end panels or round legs (for round legs the foot diameter must not exceed 68 mm).


    • 8 per pack
    • suitable for most panel ended workstations
    • 15 mm increments


    Number per pack 8
    Height of Increments 15 mm
    interlocking Yes
    Diameter 75 mm




    30 Days

    $69.50 (inc GST)