Ergotron Workfit TX

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    The Ergotron Workfit TX has a large work surface which is only 50 mm above the desk when in the down position, and has an adjustable height keyboard tray to lower below desk height for the perfect ergonomic set up.

    Ergotron Workfit TX Sit Stand Desk Converter

    Designed with an X shaped, gas strut assisted mechanism, The Workfit TX has been especially designed for a great ergonomic set up.

    The large work platform is perfect for users with a lot of paperwork and allows the monitor to be positioned at the correct distance form the users eyes. When lowered the work platform has the lowest height above the desk top of only 5 cm. Able to be raised to height of 48 cm the Workfit TX is perfect for most users. The combination of both heights fits more users than competitive brands.

    The advantage of the Workfit TX is the adjustable height keyboard tray which can be lowered below desk height. The keyboard tray can also be tilted for a negative angle. 

    Easily adjusted with infinite height adjustment points, the vertical action creates little interference with your workspace and maintains it centre of gravity over its base.

    No need for tools as the Workfit TX comes fully assembled out of the box.



    • Large work platform
    • Height adjustable keyboard tray with negative tilt
    • Only 50 mm above the desk when at its lowest point
    • Raises to 480 mm above the desk (full height)
    • Fully assembled
    • Suitable for dual monitors
    • Easily adjustable handles



    Work Platform Size 810 mm wide x 685 mm deep
    Keyboard Tray Size 710 mm long x 200 mm deep
    Height Range of Work Platform  50 mm to 480 mm 
    Height adjustability of Keyboard Tray 76 mm
    Max Height of Keyboard Tray 408 mm (above Desk)
    Lowest Height of Keyboard Tray (below desk) 98 mm (below desk)
    Weight Capacity 18 kg
    Footprint Size 767 mm wide x 597 mm deep
    Product Weight 27 kg


    • 5 Years


    • Black only


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    $975.00 (inc GST)

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