Humanscale Razer Pro Click Dual Wireless Connectivity Ergonomic Mouse

  • Humanscale Razer Pro Click Dual Wireless Connectivity Ergonomic Mouse 53HSPC

    Pro Click ergonomic mouse is designed in collaboration between Humanscale and Razer,  This state of the art built wireless ergonomic computer mouse is built for comfort & productivity

    A perfectly ergonomic high performance mouse with 8 programmable buttons for efficient extended control and both 2.4gHz wireless and bluetooth connectivity.

    Humanscale Razer Pro Click Dual Connectivity Ergonomic Mouse

    Pro Click, designed in collaboration with Razer ™, is a state-of-the-art wireless ergonomic computer mouse built for comfort and productivity. Engineered by top ergonomists and designers the Pro Click shape contours to the user’s palm eliminating any contact between the hand and the work surface. Designed with a 30-degree tilt, Pro Click promotes a natural ergonomic arm posture to alleviate unwanted wrist strain for all-day comfort.

    Pro Click offers a pleasing aesthetic and compact size that accommodates the 5th to 95th percentile human. Highly functional the tilt-click scroll wheel and each secondary button are easily accessible, limiting the need to extend the thumb to utilise macros secondary functions fully.

    Pro Click’s Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor ensures that every movement is tracked for unrivaled precision. The 16,000 DPI sensor accounts for even the slightest of movements, offering day-long comfort by reducing the amount of wrist movement needed to move the cursor.

    Designed as the ultimate ergonomic wireless for productivity, the Razer Pro Click Mouse is durable for up to 50 million clicks, while its extended battery powers up to 400 hours of use.

    8 programmable buttons enable users to work smarter, not harder by easily programming secondary functions and macros. And Pro Click’s Multi-Host Connectivity feature allows users to wirelessly pair with up to 4 devices for a faster and more precise workday.


    • Both 2.4 gHz Wireless & Bluetooth connectivity
    • Pairs to up to 4 devices
    • 8 programmable buttons
    • Tilt Scroll wheel
    • Long battery life 
    • Durable for upto 50 million clicks
    • USB-A to Micro-USB cable for charging & wired connection
    • 30° hand tilt


    Humanscale Pro Click Mouse Brochure 

    Humanscale Pro Click User Instructions




    Dimensions 126.7mm long x 79.7mm wide x 45.7mm high
    Unit Weight 106gms

    Right Handed


    2.4Ghz Dongle - Wireless



    Programmable Buttons



    Up to 4 devices

    Wrist angle

    30 degrees

    Maximum Sensitivity

    16000 dpi


    5G Optical sensor

    Razor Synapse


    Charging Cable length


    Charging & Wired Connection

    USB-A to Micro-USB Cable

    Battery Life

    Bluetooth - upto 400 hours

    2.4 GHz - up to 200 hours


    • White with Grey trim


    • 2 Years 24/7
    $190.00 (inc GST)