Contour RollerMouse Free 3 Input Device

  • Contour RollerMouse Free 3 Input Device 60EF3

    The Contour RollerMouse Free3 combines pinpoint precision and comfort with low profile design.

    The unique wrist rest now has more padding to increase comfort. Reduces load on the shoulders by providing support to the wrists. Shoulder abduction is also reduced because the mouse is centrally aligned. No need to reach for your mouse with all functions available in a central position.

    The Free3 is built low to the desk, making it ideal for use with slim, compact keyboards.

    Contour RollerMouse Free 3

    A modern upgrade to the Free2, RollerMouse Free3 brings improved ergonomic design, precision and quality with the added benefits of more speed, extra buttons and fully integrated wrist support.

    At just 25 mm high, the RollerMouse Free3 boasts the lowest profile in the RollerMouse family, helping maintain a proper ergonomic position, in a new and sleek modern style which is perfectly at home on a PC or Mac.

    The high cursor speed lets users move the cursor easily and efficiently across large screens – or even multiple monitors. The broad rollerbar makes it simple to vary work posture. Simply put, you can work faster and more comfortably.


    • Corded or Cordless
    • 7 Programmable buttons
    • Scroller wheel
    • Left and right wrist rests


    Contour RollerMouse Free 3 Data Sheet


    Size 490 mm wide x 120 mm deep
    Weight 680 gm
    Scroll Wheel Yes
    Buttons 7 programmable
    Sensor type Twin-eye laser
    DPI 600/800/1000/1200/1400/1600/1800/2000/2400/2800
    Operating System OSX, Windows
    Plug & Play Yes




    12 Months

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