Contour RollerMouse Pro 3 Input Device

  • Contour RollerMouse Pro 3 Input Device 60RP3

    The Contour Rollermouse Pro 3 Input Device is the new and improved design on the classic Rollermouse Red.

    With a longer padded support, the Pro3 provides more comfort and helps to eliminate pressures that may occur from standard mouse use, typically found in the neck, wrist and fingers.

    Contour RollerMouse Pro 3 Input Device

    The Rollermouse Pro 3 provides improved palm support with a slew of options that combine to provide an effortless user experience while encouraging a healthy work posture.

    The built-in support reduces muscle tension in the arms, wrists and neck while also helping to align the upper body.

    The Pro 3 is perfect for standing desk environments as it helps to encourage a healthy posture and keep the body in a neutral position.

    Fitted with 10 cursor speed options, the Pro 3 operates with two main functions:

    Press down on the rollerbar to operate the left click.

    To control the cursor movement move the rollerbar from side to side.

    Equipped with a long-lasting battery, you will be experience increased comfort that will provide long-lasting support throughout your day.



    • Two short keyboard risers
    • Two long keyboard risers
    • Cursor speed LED
    • Cursor speed adjustment 600 - 2400 dpi
    • Click force tension adjustment
    • 3 modes - PC mode/Mac mode/ Linux HID mode
    • Anti-slip aluminium base


    Contour RollerMouse Pro 3 Data Sheet


    Size 488 mm wide x 99 mm deep
    Height 29 mm
    Weight 680 gm
    Rollerbar Width 167 mm
    Rollerbar clickable Yes
    Adjustable bar click force Yes
    # Buttons 8 (includes scroll wheel and rollerbar
    Sensor type Optic
    DPI 600/800/1000/1200/1400/1600/1800/2000/2400
    Operating System Mac OS, Windows
    Plug & Play Yes
    Connectivity Corded only




    12 Months

    $500.00 (inc GST)