Contour Unimouse Vertical Mouse

  • Contour Unimouse Vertical Mouse 53CUNIM

    The Contour Unimouse Vertical Mouse is developed using 4 friction-based points that help you find the position that is most comfortable for you.

    You can easily alternate between different postures, allowing you to keep different muscles stimulated for lengthy periods of computer use.

    Contour Unimouse Vertical Mouse

    With a wide-ranging motion between 35 and 70 degrees, you will effortlessly be able to find a comfortable position for your hand to rest in.

    The Contour Unimouse uses an innovative Articulating Thumb Support that allows it to comfortably fit almost any hand size.

    The Unimouse is perfect for designing, editing, coding and creating. This advanced wireless mouse puts you in complete control and delivers efficiency just like any other Contour product on the market.

    Available in both left or right handed and wired or wireless.


    • Left or right handed
    • Wired or Wireless
    • Cursor speed adjustment
    • Cursor speed LED
    • 4 key points of articulation
    • 10 cursor speed options 800 to 2800 dpi


    Contour UniMouse Adjustability Guide

    Contour UniMouse Data Sheet

    Contour UniMouse Wireless - Product Manual

    Contour UniMouse Wired - Product Manual

    Contour UniMouse Setup Guide

    Ergonomist Guide




    Style Options

    Left Hand or Right Hand

    Pointer Speed 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2800 dpi
    Connectivity Wired or Wireless
    Body Angle Adjustment 35 Degrees incrementally. Friction based locking system
    Thumb Angle Adjustment 35 degrees in either direction. Friction based locking system
    Programmable 6 Programmable buttons
    Sensor Type Pixart PMW3330, IR
    Dimensions 119.4 mm long x 76.2 mm wide x 55.8mm h
    Weight 128 gm
    Operating System PC & MAC
    Driver Plug & Play
    Manufacturer Codes UMRW / UMRWL / UMLW / UMLWL




    12 Months

    $210.00 (inc GST)

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