Easy Glide Angle Board

  • Easy Glide Angle Board 66DGE

    The Easy Glide Angle Board is a mobile writing device that also can be used as a document holder or writing area.

    The angle board rests between your keyboard and monitor.

    Easy Glide Angle Board

    It only takes a matter of seconds to position the Easy Glide Angle Board between the keyboard and monitor.

    The primary platform moves forward to protect the keyboard, which creates an ergonomic writing surface.

    The contoured ledge makes it easy to rest books and documents up to 5 kg.

    Find an angle that works best for you. The Easy Glide Angle Board can be adjusted between 7.5 - 37.5 degrees.

    There is also a cable management area underneath the main surface so you can keep your work area neat and tidy.


    • Cable management area
    • Angle adjustable
    • 5 kg weight capacity



    116 mm high x 575 mm wide x 380 mm deep


    5.7 kg


    Black/ Grey


    12 Months

    $175.00 (inc GST)