Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpets - Keyhole

  • Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpets - Keyhole 201LPK

    A durable clear chair mat for general office use.

    Protect the carpet under your desk, and get the performance out of your office chair, with a hard wearing chair mat.

    Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet - Keyhole 

    Designed especially for low pile carpets, these keyhole shaped chair mats provide protection against pulling and stretching of your carpet.

    The hard wearing surface allows your chair to move as designed so you can exert less effort at the dsk and help you to retain you ergonomic position.


    • Dimpled for low pile carpets
    • Keyhole shaped
    • Hard wearing surface
    • Tested for fire retardancy
    • Two sizes available


    Shape Keyhole
    • Small: 1200 mm  x 915 mm
    • Large: 1350 mm x 1140 mm




    5 Years

    From $62.00 (inc GST)

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