Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpets - Keyhole

  • Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpets - Keyhole 201LPK

    Is your home or office chair damaging your carpet? Or perhaps you have just purchased a new chair and want to protect your carpet? If so, you should invest in a chair mat.

    Carpet fibres are not designed to handle the pressure from wheels - the pressure is nearly 100 times greater than a normal footstep. Without a chair mat for protection, carpet fibres will break down over time.

    Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet - Keyhole 

    A chair mat is designed to spread chair pressure across the mat and reduce the damage caused to the carpet.

    Think about the number of times you move your office chair during an eight hour work day. Even though some of these movements are only small, they can put pressure on your joints without the easy movement that a chair mat can provide. With the use of a char mat, you will be able to glide along the floor without causing any stress to your body.



    • Dimpled for low pile carpets
    • Keyhole-shaped
    • Hard wearing surface
    • Tested for fire retardancy


    Shape Keyhole
    • Small: 1200 mm  x 915 mm
    • Large: 1350 mm x 1140 mm




    5 Years

    From $80.00 (inc GST)

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