3M LX500 Laptop Stand

  • 3M LX500 Laptop Stand 116JB

    The 3M LX500 laptop stand is a great device that allows you to save desk space and position your laptop or notebook at an optimal height for viewing.

    Experience increased comfort by not having to strain your neck - a common occurrence during regular laptop or notebook use.


    3M LX500 Laptop Stand

    With the 3M LX500 you are provided with three inches of height adjustment options to achieve an ergonomically correct height.

    This sophisticated design is equipped with a cable management feature that helps keep your desk space clean and uncluttered.

    Non-skid materials will help secure your laptop in place across a variety of work surfaces.

    The 3M LX500 has thought of every design aspect. The slots in the stand make sure proper ventilation can occur and your laptop or notebook doesn’t overheat during extended hours of operations. This is a handy feature for someone who users their computer for long hours.



    • 3 inches vertical height adjustment
    • A non-skid base for added support
    • Cable management feature for an organised workspace


    Height Adjustment  100 mm to 150 mm
    Height of increment 12 mm
    Weight Capacity 9 kg
    Height (Folded) 228 mm wide x 310 mm deep
    Construction Plastic




    1 Month

    $69.95 (inc GST)
    *Extended Lead Times Apply