Stretchmate Footrest

  • Stretchmate Footrest 101SMT

    The Stretchmate has a unique patent pending design incorporating a height and angle adjustable footrest along with a padded rest bar.

    Stretchmate Footrest

    The Stretchmate promotes movement and exercise of the lower extremities to increase blood circulation and reduce the risk of thrombosis (formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel).

    The inner curve at the base of the Stretchmate enables an office chair to be pulled in close to the device. The footrest platform has 3 height settings with the padded rest bar being fixed.


    • Footrest platform can be adjusted to 3 different heights
    • The floating platform tilt can be adjusted by 50 degrees
    • Steel base
    • Padded leg support


    Platform Size 415 mm wide x 315 mm deep
    # Height Adjustments 3
    Angle Adjustments 50 Degrees




    12 Months

    $225.95 (inc GST)