Stretchmate Footrest

  • Stretchmate Footrest 101SMT

    The Stretchmate Footrest is designed for the restless computer user who likes to stretch his legs throughout the day.

    Choose from a range of heights and angles to raise your legs on a comfortable padded support.

    Stretchmate Footrest

    The Stretchmate Footrest can assist with the healthy circulation of blood and lowers the chances of thrombosis by promoting healthy movement in the feet.

    The padded rest bar allows you to comfortably raise your feet to three different height levels. You can rest one leg on the bar or both depending on how you feel.

    The Stretchmate is a perfect addition to the person who spends large amounts of time sitting at their computer. Comfort should never be sacrificed and with the Stretchmate Footrest it never will.

    The Stretchmate comes with a 12-month warranty.



    • The footrest can be adjusted to 3 different heights
    • Floating platform can be adjusted by 50 degrees
    • Steel base
    • Comfortable padded leg support
    • 1-year warranty


    Platform Size 415mm wide x 315mm deep
    Height Adjustments of Platform 3
    Product Dimensions 490mm wide x 370mm deep x 370mm high
    Angle Adjustments 50 Degrees




    12 Months

    $270.00 (inc GST)