Z-Rest Mk1 Drafting Footrest

  • Z-Rest Mk1 Drafting Footrest 101ZDF

    Based on the popular Mark 1 the Drafting is converted to allow the correct ergonomic position for people who use higher desks such as drafting tables, work benches and some Customer Service desks.

    Z-Rest Mk1 Drafting Footrest

    The Z-Rest Drafting provides all the angle and height adjustment of the Mk1 but due to the    modified raised base, allows users of higher than normal desk to access the correct ergonomic position.

    With a minimum height of 140 mm and a maximum of 260 mm, the drafting height Z-Rest is suitable for almost all applications where the desk height exceeds 900 mm or for people of shorter statures


    • Australian Designed and Owned
    • New sturdy aluminum construction
    • Highly durable anodized finish
    • Sleek Modern styling
    • Marine grade Carpet or Studded rubber treads
    • 6 degree increments of height and angle adjustment
    • 28 combinations of adjustment


    Platform Size 465 mm wide x 325 mm deep
    # Height Adjustments 28 (6 degree increments)
    Height Range - Front 150 mm to 330 mm
    Height Range - Back 150  mm to 330 mm
    Construction Anodized Aluminum




    12 Months

    From $249.95 (inc GST)

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