Microdesk Compact Angle Board

  • Microdesk Compact Angle Board 66MDC

    The Microdesk Compact Angle Board is a smaller version of the Microdesk Regular.

    The Microdesk Compact is perfect for use with a laptop or docking station or where the workspace is confined.

    Microdesk Compact Angle Board

    Instantly adds working space to any desk.

    Designed by a physiotherapist to reduce the amount of reaching/twisting/stretching that many people are forced to do when working with papers at their computer.

    Increases comfort while writing at the desk by providing continuous access to the keyboard and improves working posture. 

    Decreases the need to reach/stretch/twist and the perfect place to rest your tablet or phone while at your computer. 

    Fully adjustable to suit all heights. Transparent for better vision of the desk.



    430 mm wide x 305 mm deep

    • Front 77 mm high
    • Rear 150 mm High

    Extra height adjustment possible

    Accessories (included)

    • 2 x writing lips (13 mm & 6 mm)
    • Non-slip line guide
    • Side attachment for use with a keyboard tray


    12 Months

    $149.00 (inc GST)