Targus Numeric Keypad - Corded

  • Targus Numeric Keypad - Corded 22TNBL

    Great for predominantly left handed users and data entry operators or for people who require frequent changes in posture

    Add or remove the number pad as you need it to retain your true ergonomic position.

    Targus Numeric Keypad - Corded

    The Targus Numeric Keypad allows users to type numbers into spreadsheets and other applications quickly and easily.

    The full-size 19 mm keys improve speed and accuracy by making it easier to locate and press the numbers you are looking for. The integrated ergonomic tilt provides added comfort which helps reduce strain over a long work day.

    The USB cord is 3 feet long to provide additional flexibility in the workspace. Ideal for office or home use.


    • Plug and Play - no drivers required
    • Ergonomic tilt provides support to help prevent wrist strain
    • Full sized keys are comfortable and large for increased accuracy; Great for those working on spreadsheets, accounting files or financial applications


    Keyboard Dimensions 89 mm wide x 127 mm deep
    Height 25 mm
    Weight 195 kg
    Connectivity Corded


    Black / Grey


    12 Months

    $57.95 (inc GST)