Q-Board Full Key Compact Keyboard

  • Q-Board Full Key Compact Keyboard 11O

    The Q-Board Full Key Compact has no numbers on the right-hand side of the keyboard.

    This allows for the mouse to be located closer to the keyboard while also providing increased comfort.

    Q-Board Full Key Compact Keyboard

    Being comfortable at work is something every person should place in their top list of priorities. If you are comfortable your work production will increase.

    You can focus all your energy on your work instead of being distracted by muscle aches or cramps.

    The compact keyboard allows you to type efficiently and easily move your mouse without having to lift your hand off your desk.

    The Q-Board Full Key Compact Full Key Compact original can be used on Windows and Mac operating systems



    • Pre-programmed hotkeys
    • Full sized keys
    • Lightweight and portable (610 grams)


    Bakker Elkhuizen Q-Board Data Sheet


    Size 336 mm wide x 165 mm deep
    Weight 690 gm
    System Requirements USB connection for use on Windows and most Mac systems. Note: some functionality may be lost on Macs. Please check with us prior to ordering.




    12 Months

    $160.00 (inc GST)