S-Board 840 Compact Keyboard

  • S-Board 840 Compact Keyboard 11S840B

    The S-Board 840 Compact Keyboard is a stylish, lightweight and portable ergonomic keyboard that is suitable for almost any work setting.

    The keyboard has been designed without a side numeric keypad which allows your mouse to sit closer to your hands while typing, providing you with increased comfort for extended periods of time.

    S-Board 840 Compact Keyboard

    The S-Board 840 Compact Keyboard uses full-size keys and an extra-wide space bar. If you do require the side numeric keypad, it can be added to either side depending on what you prefer.

    The keyboard also allows for a lighter keystroke thanks to the scissor mechanism design.

    Like many other ergonomic keyboards, the S-Board 840 Compact has an assortment of hot keys and multimedia keys designed to make you operate your keyboard more quickly and efficiently compared to that of a normal keyboard.

    The keyboard is connected via a USB cable and is limited to Windows and Mac operating systems.


    • A range of hotkeys
    • A range of multimedia keys
    • Extra wide space bar
    • Windows and Mac systems
    • Stylish design


    Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board 840 Keyboard Data Sheet


    Connectivity USB Cable
    USB Ports 2
    Size 285 mm wide x 147 mm deep
    Height  19 mm
    Compatibility Windows OS / Mac (Limited Functionality)
    Weight 430 gm


    Silver / Grey with white keys


    12 Months

    $160.00 (inc GST)