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Ergonomic Footrest

Our collection of ergonomic footrests and mats are a great addition to any office to help relieve muscle tension and pain which can occur during long periods of sitting at your desk.

We offer an assortment of anti-fatigue mats that are great for using with a sit-stand desk. Standing on these mats encourages healthy blood flow as your body remains active. The mats are made from durable, lightweight materials which can easily be stored under your desk when you are no longer standing.

Why is an adjustable footrest important?

Footrests can be adjusted to an angle that gives better posture support while you are sitting in the office and the ergonomic design also cushions your feet from the hard ground. They are fantastic value for money - your feet will thank you for the comfort investment. They are also useful for shorter people so they can place their feet in an ergonomic position. A foot rest lets people with shorter legs sit more comfortably in their chairs, aligning their whole posture, including back and arms, correctly.

Should you use a footrest?

If you care about blood circulation in your legs, ergonomics in the office and more comfort at your desk you might enjoy using a footrest! They are also perfect paired with a sit stand desk - resting one foot while standing and switching between feet helps you get some exercise while standing at your desk.

Feel free to visit our Perth showroom to try before you buy. You can also speak to one of our experts for personal advice. Buy online knowing that we can ship it to you quickly anywhere in Australia!

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