Kensington SoleMate Plus Footrest

  • Kensington SoleMate Plus Footrest 101SM

    The Kensington SoleMate Plus is a lightweight footrest that can be used fixed or free-floating.

    Footrests can provide increased ergonomic support during long periods of sitting at a computer.

    Kensington SoleMate Plus Footrest

    The Kensington SoleMate Plus can help improve circulation in your legs and can also reduce the pressure that can occur from resting on a hard floor all day.

    The lightweight design lets you easily pack away the footrest when you don’t require it.

    This is an affordable footrest that can quickly improve your comfort levels.


    • 20-degree tilt
    • Lockable tilt control
    • Large non-slip foot surface


    Size 450 mm wide x 350 mm deep
    Height Adjustment 89 mm to 127 mm
    Angle Adjustment 20 Degrees
    Weight 3 kg


    Grey with black top


    12 Months

    $147.00 (inc GST)