Z-Rest Mk1 Adjustable Footrest

  • Z-Rest Mk1 Adjustable Footrest 101ZMK1

    You can quickly adjust the height and angle of the Z-Rest Mk1 Adjustable Footrest to meet your desired comfort.

    If you spend long hours sitting at a computer desk, eliminate the risk of pain and discomfort with this device that has more than 20 height and angle combinations.

    Z-Rest Mk1 Adjustable Footrest

    The Z-Rest Mk1 is a fixed position device that is weighted, allowing it to sit comfortably at your feet without moving around.

    An ergonomic footrest can help provide healthy circulation and reduces pressure on your feet. This device lets you easily adjust your footrest in a matter of seconds.

    This encourages you to regularly change your position throughout the day so you can remain comfortable.


    • Australian Designed and Owned
    • New sturdy aluminium construction
    • Highly durable anodized finish
    • Sleek Modern styling
    • Marine grade Carpet or Studded rubber treads
    • 6 degree increments of height and angle adjustment
    • 28 combinations of adjustment


    Platform Size 465mm wide x 325mm deep
    # Height Adjustments 28
    Height Range - Front 30mm
    Height Range - Back 50mm to 230mm
    Construction Anodized Aluminum




    12 Months

    From $205.00 (inc GST)

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