Harmony Saddle Stool with Back Rest

  • Harmony Saddle Stool with Back Rest HARSSBR

    The Harmony Saddle Stool with Back Rest provides excellent support for your back when sitting.  The ergonomically designed seat allows the user to maintain movement in the chair by keeping some weight in your thighs and your bottom and pelvis in a comfortable. position

    Ideal for users who need mobile support such as dentists, physios, surgeons, hairdressers etc. 


    Harmony Saddle Stool with Back Rest

    With the Harmony, you can experience freedom of movement with support of your seat and back. The ergonomically designed Saddle is both comfortable and supportive and allows the user to have movement in the chair while seated.  The 3 lever mechanism provides full adjustability.

    The unique height adjustable back rest  provides the extra bit of support for the back especially when seated for long periods. 



    • Ergonomically design saddle seat
    • Height adjustable back support
    • 3-lever fully ergonomic mechanism




    Mechanism 3 - lever
    Back Height adjustable
    Base Polished aluminum
    Weight Rating 100 kg


    Black only


    2 years

    From $380.00 (inc GST)