Symphony Split Seat Saddle Stool

  • Symphony Split Seat Saddle Stool SYMSSSS

    The Symphony Split Seat Saddle Stool seats the standard for flexibility and support with its comfortable split seat design. Designed to allow independent movement for each leg as well as pressure relief to the coccyx and spine. 

    Ideal for users who need mobile support such as dentists, physios, surgeons, hairdressers etc. 


    Symphony Split Seat Saddle Stool 

    Symphony Split Seat has an ergonomically designed split seat to provide both flexibility and movement as well as reducing pressure to the spine, in particular the coccyx. As you move the seat pads move to provide maximum movement and continuous support. 

    Stylish design includes a polished aluminum 5 star base base, 



    • Ergonomically design Split saddle seat
    • Polished aluminum 5 star base
    • Height adjustable




    Mechanism Height Adjustable ring lever
    Seat Split seat pads
    Base Polished aluminum
    Weight  10 kg


    Black only


    2 years

    From $350.00 (inc GST)