Humanscale Pony Stool

  • Humanscale Pony Stool HSPSDS

    The Pony Stool is cleverly designed to mimic the ‘saddle’ posture. This posture allows for the thighs to be lowered whilst opening the hips and increasing circulation.

    The Pony Stool allows for pressure on the tailbone to be reduced which provides more comfort during extended periods of sitting

    Humanscale Pony Stool

    The Humanscale Pony Stool is a smaller version of the Saddle Stool. This award-winning chair is easily one of the most comfortable stools you will ever sit on.

    Humanscale ergonomic technology allows for an enjoyable sit that is perfect for just about any office environment.

    Adjust the chair to best suit the desired height of your computer screen by easily adjusting the pneumatic cylinder.

    The Pony Stool comes with a cushion guarantee of 5 years and a 15-year warranty for the rest of the chair. 


    • Triangular cushion to promote a ‘saddle’ sit
    • Modular cushion for easy replacement
    • Height adjustable
    • Available in a variety of textiles on request *extended lead times will apply


    Humanscale Saddle/Pony Brochure

    Humanscale Pony Spec Sheet


    Seat Width 406 mm
    Seat Height Range

    425 mm to 825mm

    Base Size 559 mm
    Seat Vinyl
    Weight 6.4 kg




    • 5 years - Cushion / textiles
    • 15 Years 24/7 everything else
    $780.00 (inc GST)