Mika Saddle Stool

  • Mika Saddle Stool SSMIKA

    The Mika Saddle Stool provides you with continued on-the-go support thanks to its contoured seat and wheels for easy mobility.

    The Mika is an affordable saddle stool that is built to meet the rigorous demands of almost any workplace.


    Mika Saddle Stool

    Like any good ergonomic saddle stool, the Mika encourages a healthy S shape in the spine when sitting because of its contoured seat.

    This design helps reduce any back or neck pain that may occur when using a regular chair.

    Many professions require chairs to be versatile and comfortable in busy environments such as hairdresser, dentists, offices and beauticians. If you work in a similar setting to the places listed the Mika Saddle Stool is something you should seriously consider.



    • Portable
    • Broad saddle-shaped seat
    • 110kg weight capacity


    Seat Height

    500 mm  to 630 mm

    Weight Capacity 110 kg


    Black only


    2 years

    $170.00 (inc GST)