Ultraboard 960 Wired Keyboard

  • Ultraboard 960 Wired Keyboard BNEU960

    The UltraBoard 960 Compact Standard Keyboard is an ergonomic compact keyboard for users who have the need to work with a numerical keypad.

    UltraBoard 960 Wired Keyboard

    This is a first-class keyboard that meets all ergonomic requirements such as layout, key shape and colour, all while offering great technical features, likes two USB ports, multimedia keys and hot keys.  A great keyboard that is 80mm narrower than a “normal” keyboard for comfortable and ergonomic way of working with an integrated numeric keypad.



    • Space saving even with numeric keypad
    • White keys with dark letters for best contrast
    • Satin matt surface minimising reflection 
    • Concave keypad shape to conform to finger tips
    • Convex shaped space bar for secure orientation
    • 2 USB Ports
    • LED Status lights



    Size 146 mm L x 363 mm W x 19 mm H
    Weight 600 gm
    Plug & Play Yes
    Connection Type Wired
    Length of Cable 1550 mm
    Type USB Connection USB-A
    USB Charging Ports 2
    Power Saver No
    Compatibility/ System Requirements PC/ Windows/ all versions
    Adjustable Feet Yes




    12 Months

    $190.00 (inc GST)