Ultraboard 950 Compact Corded Keyboard

  • Ultraboard 950 Compact Corded Keyboard 11UB950

    The Ultraboard 950 Compact Corded Keyboard replac es the Ultraboard 940.The light keystroke, multiple USB ports and clean, clar layout make the Ultrboard 950 a complete keyboard and a standout in its field. 

    Made by Bakker Elkhuizen, every design aspect has been considered in making this perfect ergonomic keyboard. They have eliminated the side numeric keypad as statistics show only 10 percent of people use it. This allows the mouse to sit closer to the keyboard and reduces muscle tension by minimising hand movement


    Ultraboard 950 Compact Corded Keyboard

    The Ultraboard 950 Compact keyboard finds the perfect balance between key weights. Their keys aren’t as heavy as old keyboards but also aren’t as light as some new stylish keyboards. They have found a nice balance right in the middle that allows for a smooth, touch typing experience with its scissor mechanism giving a fine, tactile feedback.

    The 950 is thinner and less wide and deep than its predecessor and with two USB ports it is easy to connect to other devices.

    The dark letters on the light background of the keyboard make reading easier and result in higher productivity. The Ultraboard 950 has four standard hotkeys. This allows you to directly open a new tab in your browser, go to your email, do a print screen and activate a numlock.


    • Wired connection
    • Light keystroke
    • Scissor-switch keys
    • Light key colour
    • Ultra-thin keyboard
    • Compact and portable
    • Two USB ports


    Bakker Elkhuizen Ultraboard 950 Data Sheet


    Connectivity USB Cable 
    USB Ports 2
    Size 285 mm wide x 147 mm deep
    Height  19 mm
    Compatibility Both Mac and Windows OS
    Weight 455 gm
    Manufactuer Part # BNEU950US (Multiple versions)


    Silver/Grey with white keys


    12 Months

    $180.00 (inc GST)