Steppie Balance Board

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    The Steppie Balance Board is made for people who operate in sit stand work environments.


    This cleverly-designed board allows users to experience delicate movement when they stand, which stimulates the body, assisting it to become less tired.


    Steppie Balance Board - For Sit Stand & Standing Desks

    Small changes in the body’s natural balance are manipulated by a 53mm high balance board which allows for constant movement while standing at your height-adjustable desk.


    The frequent movement of the board is designed to boost circulation and assist in the alleviation of tense muscles.


    The subtlety of the small 53mm raise, makes the user not even notice they are moving which creates for a more natural balance.



    • Stand for longer periods – a little movement is less tiring than standing still
    • Improve circulation
    • Promote a natural posture
    • Activate and train core musculature (inner, deep muscles that support and balance the spine)
    • Burn energy
    • Reduce muscular tension
    • Polypropylene copolymer
    • Supports up to 200 kgs


    Steppie data Sheet

    Steppie - Benefits



    Size 560 mm wide x 360 mm deep
    Height 53 mm
    Weight 2.25 kg
    Weight Supported 200 kg




    1 Year

    $230.00 (inc GST)