Topo Anti Fatigue Standing Mat

  • Topo Anti Fatigue Standing Mat 80AFTM

    The Topo Anti Fatigue Standing Mat has been designed to keep standing desk users moving and prevent a static position. Helps to keep muscles moving.

    Topo Anti Fatigue Standing Mat

    The inspiration for Topo came from the movements our bodies perform negotiating the varied terrains we encounter when we are active away from our desks. These movements engage and activate our muscles and improve circulation, benefits that are lacking from static standing.

    Topo has seven calculated terrain features that optimally support the body while standing and stimulate healthy movement. Moving around on these terrains in a combination of stances, articulates joints and activates muscles. These movements energise, improve circulation and make standing healthier.

    Topo delivers a non flat surface to the space in front of our desks, reducing static activity by making standing at a desk dynamic. Topo keeps users moving and maximises the health benefits of standing.


    Topo Data Sheet



    73.6 wide x 67.3cm deep

    Height 68 mm to 165 mm deep


    Black only


    12 Months

    $225.95 (inc GST)