Rapid Screen

  • Rapid Screen SC7

    The Rapid Screen gives you privacy from other office workers by offering a free-standing space divider.

    Use the screen to better organise your desk throughout your work day.

    Rapid Screen


    The Rapid Screen is designed to be used with other Rapid Line products including document holders, pen holders, shelves and document dividers. These components that are easily attached to the Rapid Screen helps to provide you with improved ergonomic support throughout your work day as your head is kept in an upright position.

    This position helps to reduce any strain that may usually occur from looking down at your desk.

    The Rapid Screen is available in different heights, width and colours.

    This slimline device also lets you pin documents to the screen.



    • Two height choices
    • Four width choices
    • Pinable
    • Slimline
    • Easy to Assemble



    Widths available
    • 750 mm
    • 1200 mm
    • 1500 mm
    • 1800 mm
    Heights available
    • 1250 mm
    • 1650 mm
    Pinnable Yes


    • Blue fabric with Ironstone
    • Grey fabric with Ironstone


    • 5 Years
    From $245.00 (inc GST)

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