Lozenge Bridge

  • Lozenge Bridge 58

    Have you been unfortunately placed on a rounded corner in an office environment?

    Or, did your employer purchase a whole bunch of desks that have awkward 90-degree angles in them? If so, the Lozenge Bridge will solve all your problems. 

    Lozenge Bridge

    The Lozenge Bridge is designed to transform a rounded 90-degree corner desk into a straight 45-degree corner.

    At last, your hands will be able to comfortably rest on your desk without dropping off the edge.

    The Lozenge Bridge can be installed by easily sliding it into the desired position.

    This device is suitable for 25 mm or 33 mm thick tops.

    This is a great-value-for-money device that can significantly increase the comfort of your workstation.



    • Metal construction
    • 2 sizes


    Construction Metal
    Lozenge Size/desktop thickness

    18 mm thick desk - use 25 mm Lozenge

    25 mm thick desk - use 25 mm Lozenge

    30 mm thick desk - use 33 mm lozenge


    480 mm

    Depth 250 mm




    1 Year

    $45.00 (inc GST)

    Options / Add-ons