Humanscale NeatTech Cable Management Basket

  • Humanscale NeatTech Cable Management Basket 58HSNT

    NeatTech is a lightweight but heavy duty cable solution. This under desk basket is the perfect wire and cord organizer to help secure your cables and provide easy access.

    Available in 3 Sizes

    Humanscale NeatTech Cable Management Basket

    NeatTech is an innovative cable management solution that is compatible with most workstations. Its lightweight basket stores power strips and cables neatly and safely off the floor.

    A lightweight mesh basket to store power strips and cables, NeatTech features unique Velcro ties to secure wayward cables and offers easy access once installed.

    The mesh design means NeatTech is lightweight but incredibly durable. NeatTech can support a total weight of 4.5kg (10 lbs.) and comes with a 15-year warranty.

    NeatTech comes with a simple installation template provided on its packaging for quick and easy installation to any workspace.


    • Mesh design
    • Supports up to 4.5 kg
    • Quick & easy to install
    • Sleek, unobtrusive deign.
    • 100 mm wide
    • 3 length options



    • Mini - 610mm long x 100mm wide
    • Small - 965mm long x 100mm wide
    • Large - - 1220mm long x 100mm wide
    • Mesh
    • Screws
    Weight Capacity
    •  4.5 kg


    • 15Years


    • Catena Poppyseed with Grey Trim


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