Humanscale M Flex 2.1 Multi Monitor Arm System

  • Humanscale M Flex 2.1 Multi Monitor Arm System 67HSMF2.1

    The Humanscale MFlex 2.1 Multi Monitor Monitor Arm System provides you with increased versatility during your work day. Effortlessly add more monitor arms without having to pull the existing arms apart - the simple and versatile way to grow.

    Based on the revolutionary Humanscale M2.1 arm the MFlex allows for full independent adjustment of each of the monitors. Can be used with 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 monitors.

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    M/Flex 2.1 Multi Monitor Arm System. 

    The Humanscale MFlex 2.1 is the world's best scalable monitor arm system. The durable system can safely secure up from as from few as two monitors up to six monitors at once.

    This multi-monitor arm system accommodates endless configurations and is fully compatible with Humanscale’s next generation monitor arms — providing all of the cutting-edge features of the line. Easy to install and simple to upgrade for an overall reduced cost of ownership, M/Flex is the most scalable solution available for the modern workplace.

    M/Flex’s modular design makes it simple to reconfigure and allows for independent adjustment of monitors when they are used separately — encouraging flexibility and collaboration at the workstation. By easily setting monitors at an optimal distance and height, M/Flex increases usable desk space and allows the user to work in a healthy posture throughout the day.


    • Expandable from 2 - 6 screens
    • Single pole with heavy duty G-clamp
    • Height adjustment
    • Weight capacity of 54 kg

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    Monitor Configuration 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
    Maximum Arm Reach 610 mm
    Maximum Height Adjustment 305 mm
    Monitor Weight range 2 kg - 54 kg
    Attachment Heavy Duty G-Clamp


    • 15 Years 24/7

    Colour Options

    • White/Silver


    Download PDF M/Flex 2.1 Dual Spec Sheet

    Download PDF M/Flex 2.1 Triple Spec Sheet

    Download PDF M/Flex 2.1 Quad Spec Sheet

    Download PDF M/Flex 2.1 Six Spec Sheet

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