Ergorest Forearm Support

  • Ergorest Forearm Support 83A

    Easily positions on the front of most desks to fully support the forearm. Can be used for either left or right hand sides and has multiple pivot points to provide maximum movement.

    Ergorest Forearm Support

    From Ergorest, the world's leading manufacturer of ergonomic forearm supports.

    The Ergorest reduces stress and fatigue as well as helps the user to maintain a neutral wrist position for keyboarding, mousing and other desktop activities.

    The Ergorest is a swiveling height adjustable forearm support manufactured with high quality components. Designed to be used in many environments including office, industrial, hobby, medical etc.


    • Extended forearm arm support pad
    • Three pivot points ensure great flexibility and mobility
    • Height adjustable
    • Ambidextrous
    • Can be used as a single or in a pair
    • Aluminum structure with padded arm supports
    • Clamps to desks



    Clamp Openings

    15 mm to 43 mm

    Clamp Width 45 mm
    Clamp Depth 69 mm
    Clamp end swivels 180 degrees
    Inner arm length 146 mm
    Outer arm length 89 mm
    Forearm support pad size

    Small: 102 mm wide x 200 mm long

    Wide: 102 mm wide x 130 mm long

    Movement of centre of arm and pad 360 degrees


    White frame with black pad


    12 Months

    From $185.00 (inc GST)

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