Ergonomic Product Training

Ergonomic Product Training is offered to industry professionals as part of their professional development.

Why Ergonomic Product Training?

The purpose of the training is aimed at developing a greater understanding of ergonomic products so that:

  • The recovery from, or prevention of injury is most effective
  • There is little delay in sourcing the correct ergonomic product
  • It is easy for the consultant

The training is very interactive and we encourage the attendees to touch feel and try the products. By doing this we aim to:

  1. To educate the range of ergonomic office products and equipment available.
  2. To demonstrate the features of the products which will assist them in their duties.
  3. To discuss the ergonomic benefits of different products and features.

Please note that the Ergonomic Product Training is focused on the products and features and not sales. It is not a sales expo. We will discuss pricing if asked, but our focus is on providing good technical information.

How long does it take?

The training takes between approximately 90m minutes depending on the number of people attending and their participation.

What does it cost?

Nothing! The training is free.

Where is it held?

At the Ergolink showroom at

Unit 18
82 Erindale Road

How do I book?

To book a training session contact Ergolink on 9240 7066 or at

Can I do a refresher?

Many of the best industry professionals regularly come back to see what’s new. Things can change very quickly in this industry and it is recommended to redo the course every year or so to keep up to date with the latest.