Vertical Mouse Buyers Guide - 2023


A professional woman suffering from a sore wrist, due to over use of a conventional mouse

Vertical mice might look like they have been designed to fit in the most stylish of workplaces but the main appeal is their ergonomic design that increases comfort for the user.

The old, standard style of mouse requires the hand and arm to be rotated so that your palm and forearm hover over the mouse and desk in a downward-facing position. This causes the main bones in the forearm to be crossed over. The natural resting position for our hand has the thumb pointing up and the little finger closest to the desk. A vertical mouse allows the hand to rest the way it naturally falls.

There is a vertical mouse suitable for all hand sizes, left, right or ambidextrous users. This buyers guide looks at some of our most popular vertical mice and gives you the pros and cons of each.


Contour Unimouse Vertical Mouse

Find your ideal position by changing the angle of the mouse between 35 and 70 degrees. Change your postures using the four friction-based points and articulating thumb support which is ideal if you use a mouse for lengthy periods. There are six programmable buttons and 10 pointer speeds. Choose between wired or wireless and left or right hand versions.


  • Angle adjustability
  • Thumb support on adjustability
  • Quality
  • Programmable buttons


  • Must choose left or right hand option - not ambidextrous

For more information, see the Contour Unimouse Vertical Mouse page.


EZMouse Minicute Vertical Mouse

The EZMouse Minicute Vertical mouse is suitable for either left or right handed users with small to medium hand sizes. It can work with PC Operating Systems or with Mac OS9 or higher and has four dpi settings to change the speed of the cursor. The vertical design allows for an anatomically neutral position along with no predetermined thumb position.


  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Left and Right hand options
  • Corded or Cordless (USB) Connectivity
  • Appropriate mobile solution


  • Not as many features as other vertical mice
  • Can be awkward for large hands

Have a look at the compact design on the EZMouse Minicute Vertical Mouse page.


Oyster Vertical Mouse – Ambidextrous

Find the most comfortable angle of the mouse with five options to choose from or change it regularly so your arm never rests in the same position. Suitable for using in your left or right hand.

Shortcut keys and programmable click buttons can increase your productivity on either a Mac or Windows operating system.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Medium or large size available
  • Corded or cordless options
  • High level of angle adjustability


  • Hinges can break when user tries to force the mouse closed

See the angle options on the Oyster Vertical Mouse – Ambidextrous page.


Evoluent V4 Vertical Mouse

The most popular vertical mouse in Australia. Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, this mouse has a bottom lip for additional support so your hand doesn't slip across the desk. Choose between four pointer speeds, extra low to high, with LEDs indicating the selected speed.


  • Tried and proven
  • 3 button
  • Programmable buttons
  • Left hand option
  • Small hand option


  • Fixed angle - no adjustability
  • Can feel heavy and bulky to some

For more information and to check your hand size is a match, see the Evoluent V4 Vertical Mouse Left Hand and Right Hand page. For those users with a hand size that is smaller than the template, choose the Small Right Hand mouse. Also Available in a Mac compatible bluetooth version. rated it an impressive 4.5 stars.


Evoluent D Series Vertical Mouse

Ideal for extended use, the Evoluent D Series is a new more contoured slimmer shape when compared to the long term Evoluent V4 model. With it’s slightly narrower shape & larger lip for the small finger support, the Evoluent D Series is a relaxing grip.  There is no compromise on hand & arm position still supporting the hand in a natural neutral handshake position that eliminates forearm twisting.
This model offers all the same functionality & features of the Evoluent V4 model – 6 programmable buttons, powerful mouse manager software to truly customise your preferences, cursor speed at the touch of finger, scroll wheel & laser sensor.


  • Same ergonomic hand & arm position with proven tech as the Evoluent V4 model
  • Sleeker look & finishes
  • Larger lip supports small finger position
  • 3 hand sizes – small, medium & large
  • Corded or Cordless (USB) Connectivity
  • Solid, sturdy feel & construction


  • Right hand option only
  • No Bluetooth options in Evoluent D Series Range
  • Increased weight when compared to than other vertical mice

Check out the design on the Evoluent D Series Vertical Mouse - Right Hand Cordless page.


Handshoe Shift - Ambidextrous Mouse

If you like to alternate mouse use between your left and right hands consider the Handshoe Shift Mouse.

The revised design of the Shift model has naturally supportive contours that permit the hand and fingers to completely relax when moving the cursor and clicking or when the hand is resting on the mouse. The carefully calculated shape, size and angled design delivers a relaxed and neutral position when the mouse is being actively used and reduces tension and strain in the wrists and fingers


  • Ambidextrous
  • 5 second switch between right & left has use
  • Dual Connection –Corded or via Bluetooth
  • 3 hand sizes – small, medium & large
  • Internal rechargeable battery


  • Takes up a little more room than other mice
  • Not a full vertical ergonomic mouse

Check out the Handshoe Shift - Ambidextrous Mouse page for more information.


Penguin Ambidextrous Mouse

The unique tech handle grip is specifically designed to reduce RSI and Carpal Tunnel - common health issues associated with using a conventional mouse. The Penguin Ambidextrous Mouse is cordless and is easily switched between hands.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Small, medium, large sizes
  • Easy to switch between hands


  • Sideways action of scroll can take time to adjust

Check out the Penguin Ambidextrous Mouse page for more information.


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