Handshoe Shift - Ambidextrous Mouse

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    Handshoe Shift - Ambidextrous Mouse 53HSMS

    The HandShoe Shift is the latest design from HandShoe. Its unique design offers the ability to use either left or right handed at the simple press of a switch underneath the mouse. 

    HandShoe Shift - Ambidextrous Mouse

    The team from HandShoe have invested in extensive testing and field research in order to create a new and improved version of the HandShoe Mouse - the HandShoe Shift.
    The newly designed HandShoe Shift supports the hand and fingers in an ergonomic and relaxed position via a revised design of the body and thumb support.
    The HandShoe Shift mouse is available in three sizes, all are ambidextrous and offer dual connection options. These additional features in the HandShoe Shift broaden the appeal and suitability to a wider range of users.

    The HandShoe Shift features a unique contoured design that accommodates ambidextrous use. Hand and button orientation can be changed via switches on the base of the mouse.
    The revised design provides additional comfort by extending the supporting area for hand, palm, fingers and thumb allowing for the hand and wrist to ergonomically positioned for both left and right hand usage.
    The ambidextrous Shift can be easily switched from left to right orientation. The freedom to readily shift between right and left usage encourages work load sharing between both hands to perform clicking, scrolling and mouse movement, reducing the wear and tear that would usually be focused on a single hand and arm.


    • Ambidextrous, can be used by the left or right hand, switching between hands is easy
    • Dual connections, can be used as a wired mouse or wirelessly via Bluetooth
    • Available in three sizes
    • Improved ergonomic shape and enhanced thumb joint support
    • Internal rechargeable battery
    • Two buttons and scroll wheel
    • Compatible with Windows and Mac

    Size Options - Hand Measurements

    Small Hand measures from: 170  mm and under
    Medium Hand measures from: 170 mm – 190 mm
    Large Hand measures from: 190 mm and over



    HandShoe Shift Sizing Guide




    Optical Resolution
    • 1000 DPI
    • Left
    • Right
    • Scroll wheel 
    Bluetooth Range
    • 10 m
    • PC
    • Mac
    • Wireless via Bluetooth. Computer with Bluetooth capabilities required. 

    • Wired via included cable

    • Small - 162 gm
    • Med   - 200 gm
    • Large - 256 gm
    • Small - 127 mm (wide) x 133 mm (deep)
    • Med   - 133 mm (wide) x 165 mm (deep)
    • Large - 146 mm (wide) x 181 mm (deep)


    • Black


    • 3 Years
    $189.00 (inc GST)

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