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    The Evoluent V4 Vertical Mouse (small) was voted one of the best products by PCMag.com and selected as an Editors Choice pick with an impressive 4.5-star rating.

    The Evoluent V4 is developed to encourage healthy, neutral arm positioning while also eliminating any twists that can occur during regular mouse use.




    The innovative design of the Evoluent V4 Vertical is developed with comfort in mind. If you have often been a victim of pain or discomfort when using an ordinary mouse, this mouse if for you.

    The mouse moulds to the shape of your hand and the ergonomic shape eliminates any need for finger contortions while also alleviating muscle tension.

    Extra support is provided for the bottom of the hand thanks to an additional bottom lip support. This keeps your hand from sliding on the desk, providing you with added comfort.

    The V4 Vertical Mouse (Cordless Version), uses 1 AA battery (included) and is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.


    • LED pointer speed indicators
    • Lighted Evoluent logo
    • Adjustable optical sensor
    • Powerful driver
    • Extended lip to prevent rubbing
    • Detailed thumb rest for added comfort
    • Easy-to-reach programmable buttons
    • Windows and Mac compatible
    • Right-hand use


    Evoluent V4 Mouse Small Brochure

    Evoluent V4 Size Guide



    Tracking Method
    • Optical monitor sensor
    • 85 mm wide x 105 mm long
    • 74 mm
    • PC or Mac (Limited functionality - see Mac compatibility below)
    Cable Length (corded Version)
    • 2m
    Pointer Speed
    • Extra low, low medium & high
    Operating System
    • Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/ME/98 Microsoft Windows 2008/2003/2000/NT 4.0
    • Apple OSX, Apple Mac OS 8.1 or newer (Limited functionality - see Mac compatibility below)


    Corded : Dark grey body, Purple buttons, chrome thumb rest

    Cordless: Dark grey body, Brown buttons, chrome thumb rest

    Compatibility (from Evoluent)

    Apple Mac® OS X 10.5 to 10.14

    ? Includes Mac driver for configuring the buttons. The driver is optional but highly recommended. VerticalMouse still has basic functionality without the driver. Some functions of the Windows driver are not available in the Mac driver.

    Apple Mac® OS X 10.15 and newer 

    ? Due to recent Mac OS update, our driver must be updated to maintain compatibility. We need a driver development kit from Apple but they have not replied to our request even after repeated emails. Therefore our driver development is unable to proceed. We apologize for the delay and will continue to contact Apple for the resource. Alternatively, the third party software USB Overdrive www.usboverdrive.com may be used to program the buttons on VerticalMouse. (Evoluent and Egolink are not affiliated with USB Overdrive and down loading and use of third party software is the sole risk of the user.)


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