Vertical Slide & Rotate CPU Holder

  • Vertical Slide & Rotate CPU Holder 103VSRCPU

    The Vertical Slide & Rotate Metal CPU Holder neatly supports your Computer CPU to the underside of your desk, keeping the floor clear and neat. Its vertical slide and rotation makes it easy to get to the CPU and position it just where you need it.

    This is a great addition for anyone using a height adjustable desk as your computer does not remain fixed to the floor.

    Vertical Slide & Rotate CPU Holder

    A CPU holder can provide many benefits to your work environment. A holder lets your computer travel up and down if you are working with a height adjustable desk. Without a CPU holder, computer cables can be placed under stress when the desk raises or lowers. The last thing you want is your computer screen unplugging the next time you want to work in a standing position.

    THe Vertical Slide & Rotate CPU Holder Both rotates 360 as well as sliding for the perfect access and positioning. For larger and wider CPU units the CPU width accessory allows the CPU holder to support the extra width.



    • Simple sliding system
    • 360  Rotation
    • Width and height adjustable
    • Self adjusting spring loaded body clamps
    • Rubber grip pads on top and bottom


    Width Adjustability  from 75 mm to 200 mm
    Height Adjustability  From 270 mm to 370 mm
    Construction Metal
    Rotation 360
    Weight Capacity 10 kg


    White only


    12 months

    $95.00 (inc GST)