Slide & Rotate CPU Holder

  • Slide & Rotate CPU Holder 103SRCPU

    The Slide & Rotate CPU Holder supports the Computer CPU underneath the desk out of harms way and neatly above the floor. Ideal for height adjustable desks, it is able to rotate the CPU and slide it forward for easy access.

    Slide & Rotate CPU Holder

    Keep your work station neat and tidy and your computer CPU safe by supporting it conveniently under the desk. Ideal to use on a sit stand desk the computer moves up and down with the dsk eliminating the risk of pulling cords and cables out of the sockets. Both rotates and slides for easy access to the CPU.

    For larger and wider CPU units the optional CPU width accessory allows the CPU holder to support the extra width.



    • Simple sliding system
    • 306° Rotation
    • Width and height adjustable
    • Self adjusting spring loaded body clamps
    • Rubber grip pads on top and bottom


    Slide & Rotate CPU Holder Spec Sheet


    Min CPU Size  250 mm x 60 mm
    Max CPU Size  380 mm x 120 mm
    Construction Aluminium body
    Rotation 360
    Weight Capacity 10 kg


    Silver and Black


    12 months

    $110.00 (inc GST)