Score 959 Adjustable Footrest

  • Score 959 Adjustable Footrest 101SC

    The Score 959 Adjustable footrest provides continued support while also helping with improved posture when sitting down at your computer.

    Enjoy firm support for your legs and feet for the entirety of your work day.

    Score 959 Adjustable Footrest

    The Score 959 Adjustable Footrest is designed to work in almost any work environment.

    The height can be adjusted between 60-370 mm. The Score 959 footrest has a large foot platform which helps to promote strong support.

    This adjustable footrest allows your feet to rest in a comfortable position while also preventing poor circulation that can often occur when sitting at a desk for too long.



    • Foot operated adjustment mechanism
    • Height adjustment
    • Angle
    • Can be used as a standard or drafting footrest


    Size 520 mm wide x 420 mm deep
    Foot Board Size 490 mm wide x 400 mm deep
    Height Range   95 mm to 370 mm


    • Grey


    • 12 Months
    $395.00 (inc GST)