Rapid Desktop Screen - Straight

  • Rapid Desktop Screen - Straight OFSCDST

    The Rapid Desktop Screen - Straight is designed to provide privacy and boundaries for office users who work within a close distance of one another.


    Rapid Desktop Screen - Straight


    Ever found yourself working with someone who doesn’t always keep their belongings on their side of the desk. Perhaps it’s just a piece of paper at first, then it becomes a bag - where will it end!?

    Well, with the Rapid Desktop Screen you will never have to uncomfortably push your coworkers’ stuff back onto their side of the desk.

    A workstation with privacy can increase productivity and make people feel more comfortable.

    The rapid desktops screens are easily attached to almost any desk with a screw mount or an optional clamp mount.



    • Four width choices
    • Clamp or pin mount option
    • Two colour choices
    • Easy to Assemble


    Widths available
    • 700 mm
    • 1200 mm
    • 1500 mm
    • 1800 mm
    • 500 mm


    • Blue
    • Grey


    • 5 Years
    From $199.00 (inc GST)

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