Goldtouch Mouse Pad

  • Goldtouch Mouse Pad 13

    With a Gel Filled Mouse Pad, you’ll enjoy a better mouse experience throughout your workday and beyond

    The Goldtouch Mouse Pad is designed to provide long-lasting comfort and reduce any strains that have previously occurred from using a regular mouse pad.

    Goldtouch Mouse Pad

    The right-handed Gel Filled Mouse Pad features a gentle slope and curve to protect your hand and wrist from hard surfaces.

    The gel interior was specifically designed to provide safe respite while mousing, pointing, clicking, and scrolling.

    The black Lycra cover is both stylish and functional, creating a highly trackable surface.


    • Designed for protection
    • Superior comfort
    • Excellent trackability


    Size 254mm l x 215.9mm w x 25.4mm h
    Weight  730gm
    Manufactures Code GT6-0017



    $50.00 (inc GST)