Goldtouch Mouse Pad

  • Goldtouch Mouse Pad 13

    Have you been experiencing pain in your wrist or hand from using a computer mouse for too long? These pains can be easily fixed with the implementation of an ergonomic mouse pad.

    The Goldtouch Mouse Pad is designed to provide long-lasting comfort and reduce any strains that have previously occurred from using a regular mouse pad.

    Goldtouch Mouse Pad.

    The Goldtouch Mouse Pad is made for comfort. The pad is filled with gel and offers a soft slope that helps keep your hand away from hard surfaces.

    The pad material is made from lycra which allows for a strong trackable surface.

    The Goldtouch Mousepad will quickly help reduce wrist strain and will leave you working in comfort for hours on end.



    • Designed for protection
    • Superior comfort
    • Excellent trackability


    Size 254 mm long x 216 mm wide
    Weight  730 gm



    $52.45 (inc GST)