Flexi Ultimate Back Support

  • Flexi Ultimate Back Support PB20-9

    The flexi Ultimate Back Supports are portable and lightweight to use anywhere. Its versatility extends from driving, travelling, work, relaxing in a lounge chair… or in any seat that does not provide enough comfort or support.


    Flexi Ultimate Back Support

    Most back related injuries can be prevented. The Flexi Ultimate Back Support encourages good posture which is a key to prevention.

    Whilst in use, the Ultimate will provide constant back support as you perform everyday tasks.

    Don’t suffer in pain, the Ultimate can aid in pain relief as your body heals from within.

    With a reduction in pain, the Ultimate promotes better sleep which can improve concentration and productivity throughout the day.


    • Utilises the 100% Australian-Made flexi Back System
    • A dynamic & flexible support which moves as you move
    • Air-Lumbar can be set to a precise level of support that can be changed easily & often
    • Portable & Light enough to be used in the car, at home, travel & hospitality
    • 2 Back Size Options - Low or High


    Flexi Ultimate Back Support Spec Sheet


    Back Dimensions

    Low:  450mm w x 510 mm h

    High:  450mm w x 610mm h

    Lumbar Pump Standard


    Black Nylon Fabric


    2 Year (exc Fabric)

    $220.00 (inc GST)

    Options / Add-ons