Ergoapt Tower Laptop Stand

  • Ergoapt Tower Laptop Stand OPC17T

    Designed for the Hybrid Worker, the Ergoapt Tower Laptop Stand creates an ergonomic workspace while working off site.

    The Ergoapt Tower is a portable laptop stand that is adjustable in height and angle. The Tower has been designed to elevate laptops or tablets for improved viewing ergonomics.

    Ergoapt Tower Laptop Stand

    With the uptick of hybrid working, it is important that workers have sound ergonomic setups, regardless of location. With its wide range of height and angle adjustments, the Ergoapt Tower Laptop Stand Tower provides an ergonomic solution.

    Both pivot points offer almost 180 degrees of angle adjustment allows for a wide range of height and viewing angles which makes it suitable for a variety of users, laptops and workspaces. Once the ideal position is found the Tower can be left in position, or folded flat and stored.

    Set and forget or easily fold and pack away each day.


    • Creates a portable workspace solution with the ergonomic features and benefits of a permanent workspace.
    • Rubber feet and ledge offer stability and support.
    • High tension torque pivot points ensure a wide range of adjustability and stability.
    • The pivot points can be left in position, adjusted when required or folded flat.
    • Manufactured from light weight and sturdy aluminium.
    • Supports a wide range of laptop sizes.
    • Folds flat when not in use.



    Folded Flat Dimensions

    275 mm wide x 220 mm deep x 45 mm

    Depth 220 mm 
    Height Range

    45 mm to 210 mm

    Folded Flat Angle 0º - + 45º
    Angle Range (unfolded) + 90º / - 90º 
    Non Slip Protection Rubber accents




    • Silver


    • 12 Months
    $90.00 (inc GST)