Euro Laptop Stand

  • Euro Laptop Stand 116ER

    The Euro Laptop Stand is an ultra-thin, lightweight stand designed for portable laptop and notebook use.

    The stand is designed with a bunch of smart features including a neoprene carry case that can be doubled to be used as a mousepad.


    Euro Laptop Stand

    The Euro Laptop Stand provides a great deal of flexibility and comfort during your computer use. Enjoy adjustable height, width and angle settings that will guarantee you find a screen position that is perfect for your height.

    The clever construction of this device uses a hollowed out design that reduces the weight of the stand and lowers the risk of laptops overheating.

    You can easily collapse the stand to fold flat when you aren’t using it, helping you to save space and provide a seamless portable experience.



    • Six adjustable angles so you can work in comfort
    • Adjustable height and width
    • Slim and lightweight design - hollowed out to lower chance of overheating
    • Neoprene carry case can be doubled as a mouse pad


    EURO Laptop Raise Information Sheet

    EURO Laptop Raise Instructions


    Minimum Size 252 mm long x 182 mm wide
    Maximum Size 252 mm long x 275 mm wide
    Weight 360 gm


    Silver and graphite


    12 Months

    $115.00 (inc GST)