7 Flex Single Monitor Arm

  • 7 Flex Single Monitor Arm 67FX

    If you’ve ever experienced eye, back or neck strain during regular computer use, you may be looking at your screen at an incorrect height.

    With the 7 Flex Single Monitor Arm, you’re provided with a range of ergonomic adjustments to find the height best suited to your computer needs.


    7 Flex Single Monitor Arm

    No matter where you work, the 7 Flex Single Monitor arm will provide you with increased function and flexibility.

    Easily adjust the height and distance of your computer screen with a simple gas lever mechanism. The screen can be rotated between vertical and horizontal positioning, making it ideal for illustrators and designers. The 7 Flex can also support keyboards and laptops.

    The innovative cable management system will guarantee that your desk remains uncluttered at all times.



    • Neutrally buoyant
    • Gas assisted support
    • Cast aluminium construction
    • Easy adjustment of screens
    • Cable management
    • G-clamp or bolt-through mounting option


    7-Flex Single Brochure

    7-Flex Range Brochure

    How to Counterbalance the 7-Flex Monitor Arm


    Number of monitors supported 1
    Weight Range 2.3 - 7.7 kg 
    Screen Mounts 75 mm & 100 mm VESA




    10 Year

    $380.00 (inc GST)