VoiceStation 300 Analogue Conference Phone by Poly

  • VoiceStation 300 Analogue Conference Phone by Poly SPHPYST300

    The VoiceStation 300 by Poly is small conference phone ideally suited for desktops, offices, and other small rooms. With a microphone range of up to seven feet, the VoiceStation 300 is ideal for small conferences with three to four participants. 

    The VoiceStation 300 provides Polycom’s legendary voice quality at an affordable price.

    VoiceStation 300 Analogue Conference Phone by Poly

    The VoiceStation 300 delivers exceptional voice quality via its award winning Acoustic Technology. Its three sensitive microphones provide a full 360° coverage, and the dynamic noise reduction gives maximum microphone sensitivity while reducing background noise. 

    Its smart technology resists interference from wireless devices such as mobile phones.  

    Easy to use with convenient controls allow you to stay in control.

    • Clear analog conference calling
    • Simple to use
    • 360° microphones
    • Dynamic noise reduction
    • Easy to install
    • Compatible with most platforms


    VoiceStation 300 Data Sheet



    •  242 mm L x 235 mm W x 76 mm H
    • 570 gm
    • 220V 50Hz AC 
    • Analogue PBX or public switched telephone
    • 12-key telephone keypad including:

      • On-hook/off-hook
      • Flash, redial, mute, hold
      • Volume up, volume down]
    • LEDs
    • Off-hook, active call, hold, mute
    • Frequency response—300 to 3300 Hz
    • Volume—adjustable to 86 dBA SPL (peak) volume at 0.5 m
    • 3 x cardioid microphones 300–3500 H
    • Acoustic Clarity full duplex (IEEE 1329 Type 1)
    • Up to 7 ft. microphone pickup range
    • Gated microphones with intelligent microphone mixing
    • Dynamic Noise Reduction


    • 12 Months limited warranty
    $770.00 (inc GST)