Standing Desk Buyers Guide Part 2 - Comparing Electric Sit Stand Desks


man working at a standing desk

Regularly alternating between the sitting and standing positions is considered to be one of the healthiest ways to work. The height of an electric sit stand desk can be changed with the press of a button making it quick and easy for you to adjust the height of your desk whenever you like.

When choosing an electric height-adjustable desk there is a lot to think about. How big does it need to be, how sturdy and durable is it and does it match or fit in with your existing office furniture? Quality also varies greatly. If you get a cheaper model are you going to be happy with a weaker, noisier electric motor or do you need the reliability of dual or triple motors that are also quieter?

This buyers guide looks at some of our most popular sit stand desks with electric adjustments and makes some recommendations to suit your requirements. Missed Part 1? Have a read of our Standing Desk Buyers Guide Part 1 here and Part 3: Standing Desk Converters here.

Four of our most popular (and most recommended) electric sit stand desks are:


Humanscale Float Height Adjustable Desk

The Humanscale Float desk is one of the best sit stand desks on the market. We believe it’s also the most versatile, being suitable for almost anyone in the workplace. The funny thing is, it isn’t actually an electric standing desk! However, we are including it in this buyers guide anyway because the counterweighted control mechanism on this desk is so easy to use (and silent) that it is the only non-electric fully height-adjustable desk that we recommend.

Using a constant force adjustment, you can adjust the desk height between 68 cm and 120 cm. With a weight capacity of 75 kg so it can handle the largest of computer setups. Made from recyclable steel and aluminium, the desk has clean architectural lines so that it fits neatly within any work environment. Humanscale also guarantee quality and durability by including a 5-year warranty with each desk.

All of the following options can be customised:

  • Desktop size
  • Desktop colour
  • Frame colour
  • Available in large and small sizes
  • Frame only or complete unit
  • Install yourself or use one of our experts

The Humanscale Float is a neat and stylish, all-in-one, sit stand desk. It comes in two sizes, for more specifications and to see which one is the right size for you, visit our Humanscale Float Desk - Large and Humanscale Float Desk - Small pages.

Best for: People who want style and aesthetics combined with ease of use.


Accord Height Adjustable Desk

The Accord desks are the only standing desks we sell that can be completely customised to match your workplacedécor and requirements. You can buy the frame with electric height adjustment mechanism on its own then attach your own existing desktop. This is great for people who want to make the move to a standing desk but need it to seamlessly fit in with the style and layout of their office.

Of course, if you want a complete height-adjustable desk, you can just choose a desktop colour & style and we’ll supply the complete unit.

Unlike some of the cheaper desks on the market, these desks have a motor on each leg (3 legs on L-shaped desks & 2 legs on straight desks). This gives you smooth and quiet height adjustments. Using multiple motors to lift a desk that could be loaded up with multiple monitors, a laptop and documents means the long term reliability is much better. The modesty panels increase stability & structural strength, giving you a desk that can handle a weight capacity of 165 kg.

The height can be adjusted from 59 cm to 124 cm, making it suitable for the smallest and tallest of workers. The memory preset controller allows you to program four height settings.

The Accord has a lifting speed of 3 cm per second and a 3-year warranty on the electrical parts. The frame warranty is 5 years.

All of the following options can be customised:

  • Desktop melamine colour
  • Type of feet
  • Number of cable entry holes
  • Desk length and width
  • Available in large, medium and small
  • Frame only or complete unit
  • Install yourself or use one of our experts

To see what the options and specifications are for each Accord sit stand desk, you can browse the full range here.

Best for: People who need a large working area or corner desk. Also, people who want to customise the desk to match their existing furniture.


Buddy Height Adjustable Straight Desk

If you are on a tight budget or just need a good, basic standing desk for casual use at home or a small office, the Buddy is a great option. It’s a lightweight but durable sit stand desk. With a weight load limit of 100 kg, the Buddy can still hold two monitors and provide a sturdy work surface.

It has an optional memory function which allows you to save four preset heights so you can automatically set it at the height you want (also handy if you have a few different family members using the same desk). The choice of desktops include beech and white while the steel frame is powder-coated in precious silver or white.

All of the following options are available:

  • Three lengths to choose from
  • Desktop colour
  • Frame colour
  • Install yourself or use one of our experts

To find out more about the Buddy, visit the Buddy Height Adjustable Straight Desk page.

Best for: People who are price conscious or home office users.


Encore Electric Standing Desk Converter

The new Encore is a whisper quiet electric desk converter that allows you to change the height of your desk at the push of a button. With a hidden motor and compact design, the desk gives you as much workspace as possible. The height can be adjusted from 120 mm to 500 mm and have a weight capacity of 25 kg. There are separate work and keyboard platforms.

Features of the converter include:

  • Powder coated frame
  • Quick release keyboard
  • Simple to use up/down buttons
  • Fully assembled in the box
  • Choice of colours - silver frame on white riser or black frame on black riser
  • Single and double monitor arms (optional accessories)

To find out more about the Encore, visit the Encore Electric Standing Desk Converter page.

Best For: People who want a built-in desk who use a single monitor and are of average height.

Still not sure which desk is right for you? Take a look at our complete range of standing desks here, call one of our experts on (08) 9240 7066 or contact us online for more personalised advice.